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How is a product designed from nothing to produce?
What should I know to make a suitable design for the customer?
How do I put a real product to the market and make advertisement for it?
How are electronic devices designed and produced?
Does the code I write work well for years in a real application?
How to write a sales contract and how to bargain with the customer?
You have consulted the elders in the sector to find answers to questions similar to those in your mind, you have eroded the doors of your teachers.

There is no question you did not ask, no blog post or forum you did not read because you are already friendly with Google, you did internships, but did not give important responsibilities, so you just had to observe.

But unfortunately you realized that you would learn by doing something directly rather than reading or asking, and when you met SPARKGO, who gave you all the opportunities to test it, “I like to work and study together” you said, and you decided to apply to SPARKGO.

Now you need to look at the SPARKGO Fellowship Acceptance process immediately and become part of this unique team.


Apply SPARKGO, meet us, prove yourself, join us.

Complete the Junior educations, work on projects, collect coins, be Senior.

Take a part in commercial projects, build your business model, produce, sell, earn money.

Make a contribution to SPARKGO’ s growth, win on every mission.

Learn, work, try, make, sell, have experiences.

Be graduate, be master, be mentor, be professional.

‘’ Either appear as you are or be as you look.’


Here you will have the opportunity to experience everything you can not learn in your classes.

You will be witness to the stages of commercialization of your experiments, even those who have developed a system that generates revenue.

You have a very tight learning process with your teammates who are as enthusiastic as you are and are excited about specializing in the field, collaborating on topics you have not even dreamed about.

You will not only learn, you will teach your team members your interests, and you will gain invaluable experiences around a real and selling product.

You have an idea, but is there no team to do it? At SPARKGO, you have friends with knowledge from every branch, and you turn it into what you imagine.

You have no idea, but if you are excited, you will definitely find the right ones among the many of continuously developed project in SPARKGO.

Remember, everything depends on what you want to get from SPARKGO.

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